energy & carbon reduction

70% Carbon Reduction in ICT and reduce your energy costs

Impossible you might think; wrong, companies have reduced their carbon footprint by 70% in ICT and saved on energy costs with Cloud9 from Cirro.

The Cirro Cloud9 service removes the need for onsite dedicated PC’s, which use huge amounts of power and produce massive amounts of carbon. PC’s are often left on over night and overtime, become less efficient, costing you money and producing more carbon emissions. This is bad for business and for the environment.

Cloud9 virtual desktop units use 1% of the equivalent energy, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions by 99%, this excludes the monitor that you still need for the Cloud9 service.

Additionally, Cloud9 can virtualise and run your entire ICT server infrastructure, by doing so completely removing all energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with IT servers and hardware.

Because we rebuild every virtual desktop when a user logs off, our customers see a 50% or greater drop in 1st line support calls, so their IT teams can become more efficient and agile.

So if your organisation is looking to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst improving ICT efficiency, then talk to Cirro today to understand more about the Cloud9 service.