Bond multiple Internet connections for better performance and resiliency

Your Internet connection has never been more important to your business, especially for Cloud Computing. Bonded Internet Connections have fewer outages and better performance.

Cirro can take multiple connections from different Internet providers and ‘bond’ them to look like a single Internet connection. You still only publish a single (IP) address so the outside world still just see’s a single Internet connection. The benefits of bonded internet connections include:

  1. Improved resiliency by combining multiple Internet connections from multiple providers (up to 4)
  2. Better speed by combining the speed of multiple Internet connections

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Cirro offers a bonded Internet connection service and failover solution, which allows for up to of 4 Broadband connections with a maximum speed of 80MB. These Internet connections can be bonded together and appear as a single Internet connection (so you only have one network to connect to). This means you can have different broadband Internet connections from different providers, so if one fails or is slow, the others are still being used without you having to do anything. Bonding Internet connections together is like having multiple engines in a single car, you get the performance increase with added resiliency.

For larger offices with dedicated lease lines, Cirro offers an automatic Internet failover to a back-up broadband or 4G connection.

Many of us would have noticed that whilst our broadband provider offers us high speeds, such as a 50MB connection download speed, we may only see 3MB upload, the reality of business usage is that we send and receive in equal measure. We therefore need solid reliable high speed Internet connectivity, bonded Internet is a way of achieving this.

Cirro’s bonded Internet connection service doesn’t differentiate between download and upload speeds, so our 80MB limit is regardless of direction; upload / download speed.

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Bonded Internet Connection; increase performance & reliability

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