Desktop as a Service,
Cloud Computing & Virtulisation

Want to save between 50-75% on your IT spend? You can with Desktop as a Service from Cirro!

Furthermore, Cirro customers also see a drop in IT support call by as much as 70% and because we run Cloud services, you can save on your energy bill too!

Sound interesting? Then talk to Cirro today to see how we can benefit your business.

Cloud9 Desktop as a Service from Cirro; the last upgrade you will ever do.

Desktop as a service; true Cloud Computing from Cirro.

Desktop as a Service brings major cost and performance benefits. Cirro’s Desktop as a Service is called Cloud9, it goes one stage further than most solutions; removing the need for desktops and servers altogether (unless you want them!).

Our desktop as a service includes a small, low energy unit (it uses 99% less energy than a PC). Connected to it is a monitor, keyboard, mouse and Ethernet, then gain full access to your desktop, files and applications in the normal way. You will be amazed at how fast the response time is.

Most people think you need a big Internet connection for Cloud service, you don’t. With our Desktop as a Service, you only need 20kb per concurrent user, which is minimal.

Users enjoys a full Microsoft Office desktop experience as if it was running locally. With access to all your business applications and files from any supported device, including tablets, smartphones, or a home PC.

Cloud9 is known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you pay per user per month. You can quickly and easily add or modify a user, upgrade or downgrade any part of your solution which we manage 24×7 for you.

Cirro will work with you to help migrate to the Cloud9 Desktop as a Service. You don’t have to migrate everything you don’t want to, you can have a mix of Cloud and onsite, migrating more overtime, when it suits you.

Moving to Cloud9 Desktop as a Service with Cirro means you no longer need to buy any hardware, have support contracts, worry about security, upgrades or fixing faults.

So if you want to remove the burden of IT, reduce cost and IT support issues, try Cloud9 for free.

Supported Features

Cloud9 comes in many different flavours, we recognise that no two customers are the same and all have some kind of technical legacy. The features we support show what is possible within a Cloud9 environment however each implementation is bespoke according to your business needs.

  • Windows 7 or 8.1 (10 when available)
  • Microsoft Office Standard, Professional or Office 365
  • Min 1.5GB RAM, 1 Virtual CPU Core, 25GB System & Application Storage, expandable per user
  • Variable admin rights based on privileges
  • Active Directory
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Lync Server
  • Domain Controller
  • Sharepoint
  • Admin portal for changes & 1st line support
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Windows Azure
  • Back-up and Archive
  • Support for any Windows Server or Desktop application
  • Security & Anti-virus


Cloud9 Desktop as a Service is an Internet based Cloud service and therefore has some standard requirements:

  1. Users must have Internet access from their device; wifi, Ethernet or 3/4G
  2. Minimum of 60Kb of available bandwidth per concurrent user
  3. Printers must be networked and available to Cloud9
  4. Non Cirro supplied devices; smartphones, tablets, PC’s may need Citrix receiver to access Cloud9

Desktop as a Service, Cloud Computing & Virtulisation

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