Understanding Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a ready built Platform as a Service (PaaS) operating to a 99.95% SLA, it offers virtually limitless possibilities for building and using IT as a Service, as and when needed.

Microsoft Azure is a metered service, you pay for what you use, by the hour / week or month. Azure comes with a vast array of ready built functionality allowing you to deploy, manage and utilise virtual assets, such as servers, applications and plug-in functionality within minutes.

Cloud9 Azure

Cloud9 from Cirro offers an enhanced integration into Azure, for server virtualisation, additional processing power or specific use cases such as storage overflow. This Azure integration allows us to quickly add new customers, increase storage and processing power almost instantly, with no impact to our data centres, allowing us to be agile, flexible and cost effective. You can choose to manage Azure yourself or have us manage it for you as part of our managed service.

Additionally Cloud9 Azure supports High Performance Computing (HPC) for high intensity data processing or temporary additional processing power.

With Cloud9 Azure, you too can utilise our expertise and tools to quickly and easily manage a secure, robust and practical Azure based environment that works for your business.

Cirro provide ready created solutions that utilise the Azure platform to offer:

Infrastructure Services (PaaS), Applications, Insight & Management Information and Identity & Access Management

Infrastructure Services

Or Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows us to deliver Windows & Linux virtual machine environments in minutes. The virtual servers are typically used for:


Of existing physical servers or replacing them entirely. Adding or testing new applications, systems, tools or processes. This includes full Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 virtual desktop’s (also available as VDI via Citrix). The visualisation of application and files servers as well as SQL, Exchange, Lync and another back office business functionality you use.

High Performance Computing – HPC

Delivers additional processes power when you need it and for how long you need it for. This allows organisations to process large amounts of data quickly at a fraction of the cost and without having to ‘own’ additional assets to do so. So for organisations who need a power boost for a few hours or days for testing new applications, processing end of month accounts, enrolling new students, or analytics of Big Data, high powered computing is of significant advantage.


Archiving, Backup and Recovery capabilities. This ensure we offer you choice around data management, backup, restoration and long-term data archiving according to your compliance requirements and policy guidelines. Lock-down secure access and added security to protect data integrity is combined with compression and de-duplication technologies to help reduce your storage amount and costs.

The AutoScale feature in Azure can be configured to make sure you never run out of storage space or processes power, you can ramp up or down as needed.

Application Management

Azure offers support for specific applications allows you to quickly build and deploy to various platforms, either as web, mobile, multi-media or fully integrated client server applications. Additionally Azure supports the ability to utilise the platform for application development and testing.

Insight, MI and Analytics

Ready build SQL ad HDInsight environments for data analysis and business insight, these powerful tools offer the practical output of management information and analysis that business need to have to make informed decisions. Combined with the Cloud9 environment for data processing and storage to offer a fully integrated capability.

Identity & Access Management

Activity Directory and Multi-factor Authentication means our customers can secure their environments and control access to data sets, applications and functionality giving greater control and manageability of users.

Cirro offers Cloud9 Azure, a purpose build Platform as a Service for business, offering the functionality and capabilities of Azure, managed by our Cloud9 team.

Talk to Cirro today to learn more about Microsoft Azure and the Cloud9 service.

Microsoft Azure from Cirro

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