Cloud Computing for SME’s

For SME’s IT systems are often a cause of headaches and unneeded stress. The tools and systems used to help grow the business in the early years from a single site and a few people, have now been upgraded to support multiple sites and more users.

In the majority of instances the lack on IT knowledge at each location to support users and the lack of pro-active system monitoring and management often results in SME’s using 2nd rate systems that simply don’t work as well as they should.

Many of the corporate tools used to manage users and systems are either not know, expensive or highly technical. So key elements are sometimes outsourced, such as website and email hosting. Servers and computers are often old and running outdated software.

The challenge for SME’s with multiple sites, is not felt day to day when systems are up and available, even if they are running slowly. It’s the helpless sinking feeling owners have when a system stops, or is unavailable it has an undesired impact on the business.

The systems and tools used by SME’s to help them get to where they are now, are not necessarily the right tools for them to have anymore and will hold them back from achieving further growth.

But what systems should they have and where to invest?

More and more services are now delivered as Cloud Computing, email has been cloud based for many businesses for some time. Website hosting has generally always been Cloud based. Some applications used by SME’s are also Cloud based, but these tend to be specific applications and not a full Cloud Computing solution.

So what can be done?

Many organisations are now realising that technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before and that they are even further behind, most SME’s can’t afford to continually upgrade or pay for full time IT staff at each site. For these reasons Cloud Computing is very advantageous. For SME’s with multiple sites Cloud Computing can:

  1. Reduce IT issues by 70%
  2. Massively reduce IT and Telecom cost
  3. Remove the headache of IT
  4. Deliver fixed pricing per user per month based on a ‘service’

How is this achieved?

Essentially with a true Cloud Computing service, like Cirro’s Cloud9 service, the main elements; computers and servers, don’t exist in the traditional way. These elements are where the majority of issues are, so removing them from site and having them in the Cloud, massively reduces issues.

Rather than having a computer, users have a virtual computer, known as a zero client. All thats needed is to connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and a network cable (Ethernet) and that it. The entire operating system (Microsoft Windows) and all the business applications (including Microsoft Office) and all the data files are run from the Cloud as a service.

So now, rather than buying, owning and running IT systems and applications, which most companies aren’t great at, businesses can now just subscribe to a Cloud Computing service which handles all the file storage, emails, back-up’s and the business applications and of course, security.

So for SME’s, no more upgrades, no buying computers or servers, no call outs to IT support companies who get paid by the hour to fix stuff.

Cloud Computing allows pay per month per user for what you need.

Additional, businesses can now have their full IT infrastructure available to them on a tablet, smartphone or home PC. So even if they can’t get the office for what ever reason, they have everything they need on any device, secure, protected.

So its easy to see why Cloud Computing has become so popular in SME organisations, especially those with multiple sites, services like Cloud9 are steadily gaining momentum and are delivering significant financial, operational and performance benefits.

If you are interested in Cloud Computing, click here for a 30day free trial of the Cloud9 service.

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

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