Which flavour of Microsoft Office is right for you; Office, Office 365 or full Cloud?

Microsoft have offered the Office suite since 1990, today Microsoft state that 1.1bn people use Office. Office 365 is a Cloud subscription version that was launched in 2011 and currently has 3.5m subscribers.

However for many businesses it isn’t that obvious how Office 365 works, what you need, what the total cost is, what the implications are, what the legal scope over data protection is or how Office 365 compares to other deployment options.  This makes it difficult for organisations to know:

  1. Which is best for our business, Office or Office 365 or both?
  2. How do I calculate a true cost picture?
  3. What do I need to know – what are the ‘what if scenarios’?
  4. What are the alternatives?

Desktop as a Service Virtual Desktop as a Service trial

You can subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 directly with Microsoft or a Microsoft Partner such as Cirro. This could be useful for very small businesses, however you should consider:

  1. Where is your data? Who has access to it? Microsoft current have a very interesting legal case as detailed in the Guardian and the BBC
  2. You still need some kind of computer with an OS and all your other business applications
  3. When you load Office 365, the application is downloaded and run locally on your device, so to are the files you access, you still therefore need anti-virus and security software and control over data

Microsoft Office is know to many as a locally installed application running on your computer or laptop.

The majority of corporate IT issues relate to the desktop, including the operating system and the applications running.

Files can be stored locally on the machine with user behaviour being a key factor in back-ups, data protection and security issues.

Every time an update is released for each application or package, this must be pushed out to each users machine.

Computers have a useful life span of around 3 years, making it costly to replace and upgrade.

Cloud9 offers Office or 365, plus all your business apps from the Cloud

With Cloud9 from Cirro you have a third option.

Cloud9 is either full Office or Office 365; run by experts from our UK data centres, so you know where your data is. Additionally we can support all your other Windows Server based business applications as well as Exchange, Active Directory, Lync, SQL, Dynamics and Azure.

Cloud9 is more cost effective than either Office 365 or standard Office.

With higher availability, greater security, better performance and a subscription model, Cloud9 is the last upgrade you will ever need to do.

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Why Cloud9 for Office or Office 365?

With Cloud9 from Cirro, it doesn’t really matter!

The Cloud9 services is a fully managed Cloud environment, we can take all your business applications and all you data, put it into our service centre and provide them to you as a managed service. The Cloud9 approach addresses all the fundamental concerns over data integrity, security, cost and management.

Enjoy the benefits of Cloud9.

Benefits of Cloud9

  • Reduce costs and pay per month per user
  • Transition to Cloud9 over time, when hardware is end of life
  • Reduce your IT issues by 70%
  • Reduce your desktop energy and carbon emissions by 99%
  • Upgrade or downgrade systems occurring to seasonal adjustment or business need
  • Remove the headache of back-ups and archiving
  • Improve data integrity and security
  • Access from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Support bring your own device (BYOD)

Microsoft Office, Office 365 or full Cloud?

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