Maximise your investment in ICT with Cirro’s Professional Services

Cirro Professional Services consultants and auditors are highly experienced individuals with financial and operational back grounds, they are highly experienced experts  with an impressive track record. Our consultants can help prepare for transition to Cloud Computing, implement collaboration and Unified Communication solutions. Cirro has relationship’s with major OEMs and operators.

Expenses Management – Gain insight through Cirro

Cirro deliver Estate Audits to organisation who are spending more than £150,000 per year on ICT and generally have a complex set-up. We have access to over 120 auditors in 22 countries around the world. In addition we have access to ICT engineers who can complete site surveys in many countries around the world.

This can help you by identifying:

  1. What you have
  2. Where it is
  3. How much it costs
  4. Who provides it
  5. Billing inaccuracies
  6. Zero usage or unused services

This information is invaluable in helping you:

  1. Identify waste and reduce cost
  2. Migrate from your existing environment
  3. Run a procurement or tendering process
  4. Consolidate suppliers
  5. Control spend, invoicing & payment

Strategic Consultancy – Define and realise your ICT strategy

Cirro work with you and your senior management team to understand your business in detail. Our objective is to define a ‘desired’ technology environment, focused on how ICT can work for you, helping you to deliver value. Once the ‘desired’ vision has been agreed on we look to understand you ‘as is’ environment, this assess where we are currently.

Once these steps are complete we then look at how to move from ‘as is’ to ‘desired’. This can involve helping with procurement, vendor selection and project management.

Contract Review – Do you understand your supplier agreements?

We review ICT supplier contracts so you are aware of key elements such as:

  1. Start & end dates
  2. Minimum spend or volume commitments
  3. Discount structures
  4. Termination clauses

We can get your international agreements translated into English and summaries.

We can highlight key elements that could have a major impact on your ability to make decisions.

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Professional Services

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