Transforming Business through better Technology

The following three step process is used by our Professional Services consultants to understand the business drivers and to plan for a Technology & Business Transformation and migration roadmap. Each engagement is unique and personalised to each customer instance. Cirro aims to identify the gap that exists between a organisations current operations and its strategic objectives, from this we devise a suitable transformation roadmap, comprising technology migration projects and timescales according to your priorities.

Business Transformation – What?

  • Understanding the business drivers and importantly, what the organisation is looking to achieve.
  • What is in and out of scope? What will be the key measures of success? What are the risks of doing or not doing this project?

Business Transformation – Why?

  • Is about impact; understanding the challenges and current limitations that exist and the desired positive implications of a successful business transformation project.
  • Why does this project exist? Why now?

Business Transformation – How?

  • Audit the ‘As is’ environment
  • Define the ‘Target’ solution based on logical business capabilities
  • Complete gap analysis
  • Define transformation plan; immediate, medium and long-term projects
  • Work with partners and 3rd parties to incorporate additional vendor solution and embrace innovation to achieve strategic objectives

Technology & Business Transformation

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