Become more Agile, reduced ICT constraints and improve efficiency

By understanding your business challenges, Cirro can help identify how to migrate the elements of your IT or Telecoms operations that cause you the most issues. This is where Cirro can have the biggest impact.  Through our strategic engagement we will help identify which assets to sweat, which to migrate and help you develop a longer term ICT Cloud strategy

At Cirro our approach is to work with customers to understand the business set-up, what works, where the issues are and where we can have the biggest impact financially and operationally; that’s as good a place as any to start!

What do we offer Business Customers? That’s up to you, we are a Cloud services provider, than means we run IT from our data centre for you. We own and run the hardware and software, optionally we can also provide all the support needed if thats what’s required. Infact we can completely remove the need for you to have computers and servers at all, and lets face it, thats where the majority of issues are!

Cirro is the last upgrade you’ll ever do!

What challenges did our customer have?

  1. IT and Telecoms is not a core skill but is hugely important
  2. No or not enough dedicated onsite IT staff
  3. Unexpected costs for new equipment, software, upgrade, anti-virus, security or call-outs
  4. Time to fix issues
  5. Performance of applications and computers
  6. Ability to back-up and archive effectively
  7. No specific ICT strategy, budget or plan

What benefits our customers now enjoy:

  1. Pay per user per month
  2. Speed to scale up or down and to make changes such as adding a new user
  3. Improved performance
  4. Reduced cost on average by 50%
  5. Reduce energy and carbon emissions by 70%-99%
  6. Much more efficient working with fewer IT issues
  7. Future-proofed, flexible and agile

Cirro can provide you with estate auditing, expense management, contract reviews and strategic consultancy; our Professional Services can be seen here.

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Business & Financial Services

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