Legal and Accounting firms chose Cloud Computing from Cirro

Legal & Accounting firms have very similar IT challenges:

  • IT & Telecoms is not a core skill-set, the significance and impact of IT is greater all the time, being able to rely on and trust IT system is critical
  • Companies are heavily regulated and therefore compliance is critical; IT systems must adapt to new regulatory requirements; such as FSA, PCI and SRA
  • Long-term data archiving; the volume of data is only growing, data must be secure, accessible and stored in the UK
  • The need to work from remote locations, such as client site or home office and have access to systems and information
  • Maintaining affective back-up’s with the ability to restore know safe environments
  • Speed to fix issues or make changes such as adding a new user

Through Cloud Computing, Cirro has completely removed these challenges for a number of legal and accounting firms. They pay a fixed monthly fee per user per month and Cirro provides full IT and Telecoms services, including hardware, software & support.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Legal & Accounting firms:

  1. No expensive capital outlay or upgrade costs, no PC or server hardware or software needed
  2. Security in data protection, integrity, authentication and anti-virus
  3. Speed of service deployment with the ability to fully provision a new user or server environment in 2-3 hours
  4. Flexibility to work wherever, whenever from any device
  5. IT and Telecoms become agile business functions that support, deliver and work
  6. Cirro can migrate your business to the Cloud9 environment over time, allowing you to realise investments you’ve already made

Furthermore, Cirro integrates with existing cloud based applications and can support any Windows Server application for accounting or case management.

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Legal Accounting

Cloud Computing for Legal & Accounting Firms

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