ICT enablement for effective Teaching and Learning

Schools, colleges and universities use Cirro to reduce costs by 50%, simplify their ICT set-up and reduce support calls by 70% and to ensure they have reliable and effective services for teachers, students and parents.

Setting up and running an effective ICT environment in education can be complex due to high seasonal demands, variation in end-user ability and the need to provide ICT services to users onsite and remotely. Cirro takes care of this by provided highly secure, remote, scalable ICT services.

Cirro can add new users in minutes; providing them with a secure Microsoft Windows desktop environment they can access from any device anywhere. Users will have access to all their applications, emails, files and to folders in the normal way.

Through our management portal, your system administrator can manage the system and provide first line support if desired (or we can), additionally they can set thresholds for storage, memory or processing power, which can vary according to work load; these changes are charged on a per hour basis.

Common challenges in Education:

  • Network design – typically with a percentage of computers / laptops per student/pupil, with variation between access and application requirements
  • Access to onsite ICT support staff when issues occur, speed to fix
  • Cost to upgrade hardware and software
  • Risk of security from external attack or downloading of viruses
  • Support is highly complex, due to end-users having various technical abilities and being geographically dispersed
  • Season variation of requirements and impact on available resources, such as during term-term, holidays or during enrolment
  • Long term strategic investment decisions are difficult to make due to technology changing so rapidly

Benefits with Cirro

  • All users have a dedicated Microsoft Windows desktop & log-in ID including with Microsoft Office and Exchange for email
  • All users have access to central applications and files and have dedicated file storage to allow them to continue working exactly how they are use to
  • A completely locked down and secure environment
  • All updates are run centrally when a user logs off to reduce interruption of the service
  • Pay on a usage basis for the number of users, storage and processing power required
  • Works with current School provided equipment and students own devices, no need to buy any hardware
  • Removes the need for onsite servers and back-ups
  • Reduces energy usage and carbon emissions by up-to 99%
  • Scales up or down based on seasonal requirements

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