Reduce Cost, Improve Performance, Ensure GDPR

Transition to a highly secure, Private or Hybrid Cloud environment, designed to support FCA regulated organisations, tailored to your requirements, designed for GDPR and Cyber Security protection.

By understanding your business challenges, Cirro can help identify how to migrate the elements of your IT or Telecoms operations that cause you the most issues. This is where Cirro can have the biggest impact.

Our services are 25-50% lower cost than alternative providers with 15-25% greater performance.

We deliver ‘Always on’ services that are fit for purpose and highly resilient, that support your evolving requirements.

GDPR and Cybersecurity are at the core of what we do, ensuring protection and reducing risk.

The full Cirro portfolio is available to FCA organisations, ensuring full business continuity, high performing infrastructure for your back-office, desktops, applications and services.

What challenges did our customer have?

  1. High operational cost
  2. No clear path to move to Cloud Services
  3. Need to be more agile & productive
  4. Concern over GDPR and Cyber Security
  5. Performance of IT systems
  6. Ability to back-up and archive effectively
  7. No specific ICT strategy, budget or plan

What benefits our customers now enjoy:

  1. 25-50% lower costs
  2. Speed to implement change
  3. High performing, consistent environment
  4. Cost control and forecasting
  5. Clear GDPR & Cyber Security Policy
  6. Much more efficient working with fewer IT issues
  7. Future-proofed, flexible and agile

Cirro can provide you with estate auditing, expense management, contract reviews and strategic consultancy; our Professional Services can be seen here.

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