Cloud Computing can Reduce Carbon emissions by 70%-99%.

Your IT has probably become too complex, too costly and too restrictive. You’ve also got so many suppliers, systems, processes, regulations and restrictions and the red tape seems to be getting tighter.

Cirro can help, we can complete an estate audit and deliver a migration plan that will:

  1. Save you money
  2. Make you more agile
  3. Improve efficiency
  4. Show a mid to long term strategic plan

Cirro is the last upgrade you’ll ever do!

Common issues in public sector:

  1. Spend is out of control with non-stop requests for upgrades, changes and call-outs
  2. IT is getting more complex and issues are having a greater impact
  3. Quality of IT is balanced with cost and time, often quality suffers
  4. Vast estate over many disparate locations
  5. Restrictions by central government, such as PSN
  6. Need for openness & transparency
  7. Carbon emissions of IT hardware and systems

Benefits of Cirro:

  1. Reduce carbon emissions and energy usage by 70%-99%, depending on what services we deliver for you
  2. Improve the speed and performance of systems
  3. Secure access to data from any device, anywhere
  4. Quickly and easily enable Bring Your Own Device and remote working
  5. Improved security, archive and back-up policy
  6. Flexibility during peak periods to scale up or down storage and processing power
  7. Reduced cost of management and reduced complexity
  8. Improve collaboration and internal communication

Cirro can provide you with estate auditing, expense management, contract reviews and strategic consultancy; our Professional Services can be seen here.

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Cloud Computing; Public Sector & Local Government

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